Sony Laptop Charger

Sony Laptop Charger

Replacement Laptop Charger for Sony Computers

Universal To All VAIO, E, S, T, L Series Laptops and Phones Too

  • Ideal as a replacement laptop charger to keep at home or at the office - or even a combination laptop and phone charger to use while traveling
  • Most Sony laptops including VAIO models utilise the N09 head - which is one of the eight laptop tips that come for free in the package. If you would like a backup head or a different one to fit a second computer, no problem - just visit the laptop tips page. There's even a discount on extra tips when bought with a charger!
  • Extremely light at only 0.9kg and also comes with a built-in voltage controlled USB socket allowing you to charge your mobile phone - we provide optional mobile phone leads you can buy with the charger to let you do this
  • A year's guarantee on your Sony replacement laptop charger with after-sales support

RRP: £90.00

Your Price: £39.95

USB Output LCD Display Fully Auto Safety Wordwide Use 100% Automatic

Charge Your Sony / VAIO Laptop And Your Phone Simultaneously

Nothing is more frustrating than when you forget a charger at home, or need to bring multiple chargers on holiday and accidentally leave one behind. The first real advantage of using our universal laptop charger is a handy USB port that allows you to plug in a separate USB charging device or your mobile phone! We have stock of these leads and can include one with your charger order - simply select your desired lead from the dropdown box when you place your order.

Safety Through Intelligent Power

A lot of high-street retailers sell unbranded chargers that are made cheaply with minimal safety features included inside them. Built into our Sony replacement charger using ultra-thin polymer layering technology are hundreds of layers of surge-resistant material. In addition, the automatic voltage-switching function built-in to our charger ensures that the correct amount of power is delivered to both your laptop and your phone if plugged in - every single time.

Sony VAIO Laptop Chargers

There's no doubt about it - the Sony VAIO series of laptops are some of the most desirable out there. Featuring super-sleek design, mobility almost unmatched in its class and screen quality that is superior to almost all laptops in equivalent price ranges, it's no wonder that so many people flock to use them. Great for both business and pleasure, the features included in most VAIO units leave other laptops wanting.

Most of these though (unfortunately) come with relatively cheaply made chargers. in order to drive cost down somewhere. It's not surprising therefore if you happen to be visiting this page looking for a replacement! A lot of VAIO laptops also get more use than others, as they are suitable for both home (multimedia) and work - so it's only natural that the accessories with it get used up faster.

Fortunately, not only is our replacement laptop charger completely compatible with all Sony VAIO laptop models, it also boasts comprehensive automatic voltage switching and comprehensive safety features as you read above. Finally, the inclusion of mobile phone chargers really makes the unit something you can leave at home or work (to save carrying) or take on holiday to avoid having to take multiple chargers with you.

Need Your Laptop Power, Quickly?

No problem.

Quick shipping is important - especially if you're waiting on a new charger unit so that you can continue to use your computer. We understand - which is why we promise a next-business-day dispatch (pretty much as quick as you can get online!) and when ordered early enough in the day, we also try to send same-day (but this depends on stock on-the-day so we can't always guarantee this).

You can even select Special Delivery on the shipping options when you check out to ensure that your charger gets to you within 1 business day of sending according to Royal Mail's guarantee.

How Much Will I Pay For Shipping?

At ULC, shipping is charged by weight - so you won't get ridiculous additional charges if you wanted to buy 4-5 spare laptop heads, for example. The charger itself is 0.905kg (including packaging) and phone/mobile heads are generally about 0.03kg, so a typical order for a charger will be placed in the 0.5kg-1.0kg category.

Our prices are displayed below. Note that we send our products only by methods of delivery that have tracking numbers, to ensure full accountability to our customers and also to protect any orders lost in the post (where we can pursue Royal Mail and be able to send a replacement to a customer free of charge).

1st Class Recorded Delivery - £2.95
Special Delivery - £6.95
International Recorded - £7.95

1st Class Recorded Delivery - £4.95
Special Delivery - £9.95
International Recorded - £11.95

1st Class Recorded Delivery - £7.95
Special Delivery - £14.95
International Recorded - £16.95

ParcelForce 48 - £12.95
ParcelForce 24 - £19.95
International Recorded - £24.95

5001g and above:
ParcelForce 48 - £19.95
ParcelForce 24 - £29.95
International Recorded - £39.95

All orders are tracked (with tracking number). Orders above 2kg will be sent via ParcelForce instead for postal insurance, with the speedier option being ParcelForce 24.

Any Questions?

Please get in touch with us via the contact us page here for any queries you may have, and we'll do our best to get back to you within two business days - but usually just one! :-)

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of the most common questions asked by our customers. If you don't see an answer to your question here, please e-mail us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Q: Will the universal laptop charger work with my laptop?
A: The charger is compatible with effectively 99% of all mainstream laptops including Apples and Netbooks! In some cases you will need to buy an additional laptop head to attach to the charger - see the Laptop Heads page to find which one you need.

Q: I'm still not sure if the charger will work with my laptop. What do I do now?
A: No problems! E-mail us at and we'll be more than happy to help. We always answer our customer e-mails within two business days, usually faster!

Q: Which laptop heads are included already with the charger?
A: Eight of the more common laptop heads come included in the price of the charger - these are N04, N06, N07, N09, N13, N14, N18 and N19. Other heads can be purchased for a discount if bought with a charger, from the Laptop Heads page.

Q: I'm skeptical about online shopping, when I walk into a store I know I can get customer service. What makes you better than a store?
A: This is the whole philosophy behind our business - we believe there's such a thing as customer service over the internet! We answer all e-mails within two business days and also cater to people who want their charger quickly or need it urgently. We are convinced we can satisfy our customers, and if you've e-mailed us in advance and we reply saying the charger will work with your laptop and it doesn't, we will offer a 100% full refund. And because we don't have the massive overhead costs of a shop, we can charge a great discounted price for a product that we guarantee would cost £120 or even more in a retail store - we sell only the best of the best!

Q: I want to suggest something for the website or leave a testimonial/comment. Can I do this?
A: For sure! We can only improve for our customers if we hear your feedback, and we always read every e-mail (and publish your testimonials - thank you very much for those!). Please send us an e-mail at and we'll get back to you.

What Do Other People Think?

Below you'll find some of the lovely e-mails we've received from past customers who have purchased from ULC. Don't forget that you are covered by the ULC Guarantee with our emphasis on good customer service. You can also view our refund and exchange policies in plain English here (we don't believe in corporate speak!).

  Naomi A. - February 2012

"This is really awesome! I've had other chargers before but they never seem to last long. This one has been super reliable so far though, and I never need to worry about forgetting my phone charger again. Thanks!"

  Peter K. - December 2012

"Cheers guys, works great and glad I bought the extra two mobile cables. Now I charge both my Blackberry and older Samsung at work."

  Thomas G. - November 2012

"Bought two chargers on high street that didn't meet the 120W demands of my gaming rig and a third that blew up - was starting to dread paying £90 for a new one from the manufacturer, so glad I didn't. This is BETTER!"

  Mohammad I. - November 2012

"Thank you, great for travelling since I don't need to remember my separate phone charger anymore. Will recommend to friends!"

  Sarah M. - September 2012

"Sick of carrying charger to and from work every day, bought your power supply and it works great, thanks. Can now charge both my Dell and Blackberry while at work without lugging anything back and forth."

  Richard T. - August 2012

"I bought four different chargers in the last year before getting your one here - one from a shop on Tottenham Court Road and three from eBay. Every single one failed a maximum of two months after getting them and one even had smoke coming out of it! It's good that you bother with the extra expense with safety standards in England and Europe, and I'm really happy with it.

Worried About Compatibility?

We have you covered!

When adding our universal laptop charger to your shopping cart, you will be prompted to add your laptop make and model (and if possible, voltage/current information which is normally located on a sticker underneath your laptop). We manually double check these after receiving every order, and will try to contact you if you require a head that doesn't come with the laptop charger as standard. We'll do the double-checking, no worries.

What Comes With The Charger?

Eight of the more common laptop heads come included in the price of the charger - these are N04, N06, N07, N09, N13, N14, N18 and N19. Check out the Laptop Connection Tips page here for what these tips charge. Other heads can be purchased for a discount if bought with a charger, from the Laptop Heads page.

The universal laptop charger available through our store is compatible with effectively 99% of all mainstream laptops including Apples and Netbooks! In some cases you will need to buy an additional laptop head to attach to the charger - see the Laptop Heads page to find which one you need.

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