Why Manufacturing Quality Is Important

The thing is that this (the adapter breaking) isn’t really that unexpected. Imagine you’re a laptop manufacturer and you’re shipping out tens of thousands of units on a daily basis. The peripherals that aren’t physically inside the computer will ideally be made as cheaply as possible – yes, they do meet some form of standard of course and for the most part they’re not made so shoddily they’ll give up the ghost in a few months or anything like that – but at the same time, they’re certainly not made to last. They are there to do the minimum required job asked of them, and nothing more – so it’s no wonder that when something small goes wrong, they die.

So, this is why if you need to get a new power supply for your portable computer for any of the reasons above, it’s quite important that you pick up a good one. While manufacturer’s models aren’t terrible, they are rather average and extremely expensive to replace. Attempting to replace what you had before with a budget model is usually a bad idea. These are the kinds of devices where there actually is no quality control and you may genuinely get something that shorts a circuit or only works for a short while before breaking.

Posted on May 13, 2013 | Filed under News

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