About Us

Universal Laptop Chargers is an online store established in 2009. We started the website after walking into high street shops and seeing dozens of mediocre chargers on sale for over £50, and the few good chargers we found (with automatic voltage detection, safety features etc) were always in excess of £120, in a few rare cases even £150! We decided that these prices were inflated, and wanted to show it is actually possible to have great quality chargers at prices the high street simply can't match - so we set up shop online where our overhead costs are less.

We do not busy ourselves with selling poor products. Our chargers come with automatic voltage detection systems to prevent the wrong current/voltage ever getting to your laptop. They have advanced safety features and exceed important European RoHS requirements. A built-in LCD screen displays proper output and shows the current laptop voltage. The charger weighs less than 0.9kg, and can also charge camcorders and mobile phones. In short, we only sell the absolute best product we could source, and refuse to sell anything we wouldn't use ourselves.

In essence? If we were to sell the charger we stock on the high street, we'd expect it to be comfortably above the £150 price point we saw for the 'good stuff' that they stock. Our universal laptop charger is comfortably better than anything those stores can provide. Our goal? To supply a fantastic product, at a price point much lower than that. We hope after trying it, you'll agree with us! We always look forward to hearing your feedback, and word of mouth is the best form of business we can get from our customers.

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